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Julian Rodriguez

Julian Rodriguez

Financial Consultant

As a native of Rio Grande Valley in Texas, I have always been drawn to fulfilling a higher cause of serving others in whatever capacity I can. It is upon this passion that I joined the financial sector after serving in the United States Air Force. As a professional financial advisor, coach, and financial consultant, I pride myself on delivering great value to clients by helping them plan ahead for their short-term needs and long-term goals. I am organized, resourceful, ambitious, proactive, and highly adaptable to keeping multiple priorities in mind while aiming for the financial growth of my clients. From meeting new people, listening to their needs, and helping them achieve their goals, I am committed to offering consistent guidance and attentive support. 

My competence in the field stems from my Bachelor of Science in Global Management from the University of Phoenix and 16 years of experience in the finance industry, including having worked at Primerica Inc, Edward Jones, Parsonex, Innovation Partners, Qualcomm, British Aerospace (BAE Systems), and the United States Air Force. As a result of my unprecedented work and contribution in the sector, I have received the Field Licensing Coach of the year award from Primerica and earned my space as a panelist at the 2021 FARFA conference where I addressed farmer’s questions on taxes, finances, and investments. 

With a keen eye for details, I am able to recognize financial inaccuracies and provide essential information to my clients on money basics, budgeting, and retirements. My vision is to see families gain financial freedom and live fulfilled lives. In order to reach more people and make an impact in the world, I have published several books including 401ks-A guide to how they work, Smart Shopping Today, Yard to Market Cookbook, General Tax Reference Manual, and Guerilla Couponing. Besides, my ability to speak multiple languages translates to an all-rounded financial advisor who works with people from all walks of life. 

Does it seem probable that you will outlive your money, or that your money will outlive you? If you don't know, this is what I offer...

A cup of coffee and a second opinion.

If you're open to it, I'd welcome the opportunity to visit with you. I'll ask to outline your financial goals and review your portfolio with you. If I think your investments continue to be well suited to your retirement, I'll gladly tell you so and be on my way.

If, on the other hand your investment strategies no longer fit your goals, I'll explain why in plain English. And, if you like, I'll off you some alternatives.

Understand, there's no obligation to you, and regardless of the outcome, the coffee's on me.